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Has a tree fallen on your property? Are you concerned that one of your trees is dying? Do you need to remove a few trees to make room for property developments? You’ve come to the right place! T&T Tree Service offers the highest quality tree service in Valparaiso, Indiana. With our years of experience and professional expertise, you can be confident that you’re receiving solutions that will last.

Here are T&T Tree Service in Valpo, we believe in providing comprehensive tree maintenance solutions so that you can always get exactly what you need. We offer tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, lot clearing, and more. We’ll start with your FREE consultation and estimate, then get you scheduled for the most dependable and cost-effective tree services.

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Serving Northwest Indiana, Porter County, and Surrounding Areas

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We’re Valpo’s Trusted Tree Company

T&T Tree Service has been serving Valpo and the surrounding areas with exceptional tree care for many years. We take pride in delivering real solutions at the best pricing. When you reach out to our crew, we respond quickly and work diligently to deliver timely results. We customize our tree services to suit your property and your needs. With our crew and equipment, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Learn more about us below, then get in touch with our team to schedule your tree service in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Local Tree Company

Owned and operated here in Valparaiso, we are the crew that you can trust for timely and reliable tree care. Our team is local, and you’ll always be met with a courteous crew ready to address your needs.

Licensed & Insured

At T&T Tree Service, we believe in safe, effective tree service in Valparaiso. We maintain our licensure and insurance policies to keep you and our crew protected throughout every tree care service.

Comprehensive Service

From routine tree maintenance to emergency tree removal, we provide every service that you will need for your trees. We work alongside you to tailor a solution that works for you. Plus, we always look for the most dependable and cost-effective option.

Fair Pricing

We know that many homeowners worry about the cost of tree service in Valparaiso. Luckily, you’ve found T&T Tree Service. We strive to keep our pricing low and our service quality high. We’ll also give you a FREE estimate, right from the start.

Experienced Crew

The team at T&T Tree Service has years of experience in the industry. We are knowledgeable and dependable, giving you the Valparaiso tree service that you need. To ensure premium quality, we stay up-to-date on all of the best practices for your tree service.

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Routine Tree Trimming to Revitalize Your Property

Whether you’re dealing with branches overhanging your roof or you want to refresh your trees for more vibrant growth in the springtime, T&T Tree Service is here to help. We offer the highest quality tree trimming in Valpo. From the smallest trees to the most towering, we have the skill and equipment to offer the most effective tree service in Valparaiso.

With our tree trimming services, you can look forward to greater protection for your property and more fruitful growth for your trees. By removing dying or diseased branches, the rest of your tree can grow more efficiently. In addition, you don’t have to worry about those dead branches unexpectedly falling on your roof, in your lawn, or anywhere else.

Let’s schedule your routine tree maintenance today. Call T&T Tree Service for a free estimate on your tree service in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Safe & Effective Tree Removal Service

Do you have a dying tree on your property? Are you ready to start development on your land, but trees are standing in the way? Don’t sweat it – T&T Tree Service has your solutions. We offer exceptional and affordable tree removal in Valparaiso. With our professional expertise, you can be confident that your trees will be safely and reliably removed in no time.

Along with your tree removal, we also offer stump grinding services. We can remove a tree of any size, whether a few small saplings or a massive towering tree. Then, we can grind the stump so that you don’t have to deal with a tripping hazard and eyesore in your lawn.

If you need an entire lot cleared of trees and brush, we can handle that as well. We have the skilled crew and dependable equipment to offer the best land clearing services in Valpo. Whether residential or commercial, we will clear your lot so that it’s ready for your new developments.

It’s time to schedule your tree removal! Contact T&T Tree Service now to schedule your tree service in Valparaiso, Indiana.

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Ready to Schedule Your Valpo Tree Service? Call T&T Tree Service for Your FREE Estimate!

When you need tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, land clearing, emergency tree care, and other tree services, T&T Tree Service is your answer. We offer exceptional tree maintenance at the best pricing in the area. With our skilled team at your side, you can be confident that you’re getting lasting Valparaiso tree service to address your every concern. Our local team is here to take your call, so why wait?

Contacting us is easy! You can call to speak with our team, and you can submit a video quote request online. Whichever is easiest for you, we will respond quickly and get you your estimate. Reach out to T&T Tree Service today for an estimate on your tree service in Valparaiso, Indiana.


David H


Steve and his crew did cut down 2 trees for us today. They did a great job. One tree was near our house. Very happy with the service. They did great cleaning up the yard afterwards too. Would definitely use them again and will recommend to friends needing tree work.

1/22/2022 – Facebook Review

Traci H


Phenomenal! The way the company as a whole held themselves to a professional standard was amazing! They were quick! All of the cool equipment was fun to watch too. I would HIGHLY recommend them. To everyone!

8/24/2021 – Website Review

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