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When You Need Tree Care, You Need T&T Tree Service

Do you need routine tree care services in Valparaiso, Indiana? Are you searching for a tree company that provides emergency tree removal? Is it time to add new additions to your property, but there are trees blocking the way for construction? You’ve come to the right place! T&T Tree Service is Valpo’s local expert for all tree care services.

We offer tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, land clearing, emergency tree care, and homeowner’s insurance claim assistance for fallen trees. Whether you have a vast commercial property or a small residential lot, we provide every Valparaiso tree care service that you will need to maintain your trees and protect your property.

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Serving Northwest Indiana, Porter County, and Surrounding Areas

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Safe & Dependable Tree Trimming

Over time, tree branches can become diseased, infested with pests, and start to die. With tree trimming services, you can preserve the health of your trees and protect your property from spreading complications. T&T Tree Service is here to deliver the most effective and affordable tree trimming in Valpo.

We specialize in timely and reliable Valparaiso tree care services, ensuring your property is protected and ready for any future developments. We can trim branches that overhang your home, utility lines, garages, neighbor’s property, and more. In addition, we can remove any diseased or pest-infested branches to prevent the spread of unwanted problems across your property. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your trees, protect your home, or plan for new property developments, T&T Tree Service is your trusted tree care provider.

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Environmentally Sustainable Tree Removal Services

Sometimes, trees need to be removed. Whether the trees are dying, diseased, or in the way of new developments, you want a trusted tree service provider to ensure your trees are removed safely and effectively. Here at T&T Tree Service, we take pride in delivering eco-conscious tree care services in Valparaiso.

For your tree removal, we will plan ahead to determine the best strategy to remove your trees without harming your property or the surrounding environment. Our crews are highly skilled and experienced in tree removal services, ensuring we can deliver top-notch care for your residential and commercial properties. We also repurpose your removed trees, utilizing the wood for mulch, firewood, and more.

You can trust in the crew at T&T Tree Service for your Valpo tree care services. Give us a call today to learn more about our tree removal services and schedule your free inspection.

Efficient & Lasting Stump Grinding

When stumps are left behind, they can create many problems for your property. Stumps can become a home to pests, create a tripping hazard, making mowing difficult, and even sprout again. But, with professional stump grinding, you can be confident that your yard is cleared and ready for new growth and development.

At T&T Tree Service, we offer effective stump grinding and tree care services in Valparaiso and beyond. We take pride in our work, ensuring your property is left in better shape than we found it. We’ll respond quickly to your call, ready to remove any trees and their stumps in no time.

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Comprehensive Land Clearing Services

Before any construction can begin on your property, you need clear land. With our sustainable and effective land clearing services, you can be confident that your new developments are off to a good start. T&T Tree Service is highly trained and experienced in lot clearing, and we’re here to offer premium service and affordable pricing for your project.

While we remove the trees, shrubs, brush, and more from your property, we do all that we can to mitigate environmental impacts and protect your property. We adhere to strict standards to ensure you’re left with clear land that is ready for new buildings, backyard developments, parking lots, and more.

Schedule your land clearing and tree care services in Valparaiso today to keep construction on track for your new additions. Call T&T Tree Service now to get started.

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If you’re in need of emergency tree removal, routine tree care services, stump grinding, standard tree removal services, or any other tree maintenance, T&T Tree Service is here to help. Our crew has many years of experience, and we offer exceptional quality at the best price. We work with you to understand your concerns, then find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your property. Plus, we’ll start with a FREE quote, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.

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David H


Steve and his crew did cut down 2 trees for us today. They did a great job. One tree was near our house. Very happy with the service. They did great cleaning up the yard afterwards too. Would definitely use them again and will recommend to friends needing tree work.

1/22/2022 – Facebook Review

Traci H


Phenomenal! The way the company as a whole held themselves to a professional standard was amazing! They were quick! All of the cool equipment was fun to watch too. I would HIGHLY recommend them. To everyone!

8/24/2021 – Website Review

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