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A Neighbor’s Tree Fell On My Property…What Do I Do?

Did a neighbor’s tree fall onto your property? You may be wondering who should be responsible for the damages. Luckily, we’re here to help you get an idea of what you can do when there’s a fallen tree. In this article we will discuss who is responsible for fallen tree damages, what you should do if a neighbor’s tree has fallen onto your property, and who you can call for guidance and tree removal services. Let’s get to it.

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Who is Responsible for the Fallen Tree?

Generally, your homeowners insurance will cover the damages for a fallen tree on your property, whether that tree came from your neighbor’s yard or your yard. If it was your neighbor’s tree, your insurance agency may reach out to your neighbor’s insurance company for direct compensation. Regardless, you shouldn’t have to worry about the payment because insurance will usually handle it.

However, technically looking at the situation, the fault generally lies on the person that owns the tree. For trees, you’ll look at the trunk itself to determine ownership. No matter how much foliage overhangs the other property, the trunk position determines who owns the tree. Therefore, when determining the responsible party, you’ll need to see exactly where the trunk of the tree lies.

The next factor to consider is WHY the tree fell. If it was an accidental situation (storms, wind, etc.), then no one is directly at fault for the fallen tree. However, if a neighbor had been cutting down their own tree or had neglected to care for a dying tree that overhangs your property, they may then be fully responsible for the damages.

In most cases, a fallen tree is an accident and thus is covered by your insurance. Or, you may simply come to an agreement with your neighbor to pay for the damages without going through insurance.

What Should I Do If a Neighbor’s Tree Fell on My Property?

While dealing with a fallen tree can be stressful, the process doesn’t need to be difficult. In short, you’ll need to assess the damage and plan for repairs. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do.

1. Stay Safe!
The most important thing is to keep yourself and anyone else safe. If the tree fell onto your home, it is likely best to get everyone out until you can determine the extent of the damages.

2. Take Pictures of the Damages
If you are able to safely do so, take pictures of the fallen tree and subsequent damages. You will want to document damage to the house, property, and any affected belongings. However, if it puts you in danger to get the photos, let a professional tree company handle it.

3. Talk with Your Neighbor
If it was your neighbor’s tree that fell, you will want to talk with them right away. You may be able to work out an agreement for payment or removal directly with your neighbor. Then, you can plan accordingly.

4. Call a Tree Service Provider
For the most dependable response and handling of your fallen tree, you should call the area’s most trusted tree company (like the team at T&T Tree Service). This ensures you receive the best results from your insurance claims and that the tree removal and repairs are of the highest standards.

5. Negotiate with Insurance Companies
When you select the best tree company, they will likely deal directly with your homeowners insurance agency. This allows you to have peace of mind, knowing that you will get the necessary compensation for your repairs.

6. Complete the Repairs
When trees fall onto your property, they often cause damage to many areas. From the house and garage to the backyard shed and patio, you may be looking at extensive repairs. Your tree service provider can handle the tree removal and assist you in determining what other repairs will be necessary.

7. Prevent Future Problems
After an incident, you may be more wary of eminent tree problems. The best way to avoid damages down the line is by performing routine tree care. This can be challenging if the trees are on your neighbors property, but you can try discussing tree trimming or preventative tree removal with your neighbor to avoid another fallen tree in the future.

In short, if your neighbor’s tree has fallen onto your property, safety is first! Once you ensure everyone is safe, you can take pictures if it’s safe to do so, then get in communication with your neighbor, a trusted tree company, and the relevant insurance agencies. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t be afraid to call our tree experts here at T&T Tree Service for advice on your fallen tree in Northwest Indiana.

Who Should I Call for a Fallen Tree?

When you’re dealing with a fallen tree, you will want a reputable tree service provider on your side. This ensures that you receive the best tree removal, expert advice, and dependable assistance with any insurance claims.

The T&T Tree Service team is trained and experienced in all tree removal scenarios. Whether your own tree fell onto your house or your neighbor’s tree fell on your shed, we can effectively remove it with ease and reliability. In addition, we deal directly with your insurance agency so that you do not have to worry about fighting for coverage. We know exactly how to communicate with insurance companies, and we will ensure you receive maximum compensation.

Contact T&T Tree Service today for expert tree removal and insurance claim assistance in Northwest Indiana.

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Conclusion: What Should I Do After A Neighbor’s Tree Fell On My Property?

In review, most fallen trees are a result of an accident and are thus not the direct fault of one party or another. However, when you are determining ownership of the tree, you will look at the trunk itself, not the foliage, to see whose property the tree lies on. From here, you can determine who is technically responsible for the fallen tree.

From there, you can negotiate with your neighbor or contact your homeowners insurance agency for a payment strategy. If you are dealing with insurance, it’s best to first call in a professional tree company for the most effective service and insurance compensation. Your tree service provider will deal directly with the insurance company so that you don’t have to.

Regardless of who is at fault, you shouldn’t have to worry. Homeowners insurance most often covers fallen tree damages, especially if it’s the result of an accident.

When you have a fallen tree on your property, don’t stress! Contact T&T Tree Service right away so that you can be confident in your tree removal and insurance claim process. We’re ready to help.

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